About Us

Online Oncology is a education platform for cancer patients. It is founded by Dr. Riaz who has a passion to improve patient outcomes by empowering them with the knowledge they need to better manage their case.

About Dr. Riaz

My name is Dr. Riaz and I have studied all there is to know about cancer. I am well versed in many difference practices and procedures when it comes to dealing with cancer.


Our mission is to educate, motivate, inspire and guide the patients through the toughest journey of their life. Our focus is to improve the quality of cancer care so more and more patients can survive and live better lives.

Our Method

Our team recognize that cancer is a complex diagnosis. Patients find themselves overwhelmed with the diagnosis, treatment options and side effects. It is exhausting both physically as well as emotionally. Our healthcare system do not have enough resources to educate the patients at every step of the way. We are trying to create an easy to understand content by utilizing the modern day technology. Better informed patients can make the best decisions for themselves.